Penguin Proof Link Building

Are our links Penguin Proof/Compliant?

If you are new to the whole SEO link building scene then you may or may not have heard of the Penguin algorithm update by Google on the 24th April 2012. The update had a number of elements which affected 1,000’s of website rankings due to it partly targetting sites who had over optimised link profiles.

All our backlink packages are ‘Penguin Compliant’ i.e. we will provide you with a variety of anchor texts based on our own knowledge and experience and also based on the most up to date collective knowledge from other experts in the SEO community at large.

We will of course follow any specific anchor text variation instructions you have but our overall advice is that your backlink profile contains a certain number and ‘type’ of anchor text to ensure you do not get caught in the Penguin filter. It can be very easy to get trapped by this latest filter but VERY difficult (if at all) to recover if you do not have the appropriate resources to do so.

Example Penguin Compliant link profile: (These are not hard and fast numbers but it’s certainly very important to keep any ‘exact match’ keyword % to a lower level than was previously used to rank a website. You will continue to see websites with more than 20% exact match on main keywords ranking well but at 20% it’s a safe starting point from which to work and we would not like to see it increase to more than 30%.

Anchor Text Variation Examples

Domain/Brand Anchor Text: 40%
www.xxxxxxxxx.comhttp://www.xxxxxxx.comMy Product/Service Name
Generic Anchor Text: 40%
Click hereMore info.Visit this site
Exact Match Anchor Text: 20%
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