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If you are not new to guest posting then I’ll bore you with the next few lines so look away now, but for those who are looking to learn more about the subject or who are in need of a guest post service in order to get backlinks to your site(s), please read on.

The purpose of guest posting is to get high quality backlinks for your website(s). These type of links of links are powerful from 2 respects:

  1. They are generally located on blogs which are highly relevant to your niche and with our service we aim to get your posts on blogs that have a PageRank 2 or higher.
  2. Although not always possible with every blog post in every niche it’s highly likely that your blog post(s) will be seen by a high number of visitors to the guest blog. As part of our 5 point check-list we try and find blogs that not only provide very good link-juice but also blogs that will drive targeted traffic across to your website/blog.

How our Guest Post Service works?

It’s all very simple really.

Step 1: Place an order using the links below depending on the amount of posts you require. If you would like to order less than 5 or more than 20 posts then please drop us a message here and we can give you a special price.

NOTE: Some niches e.g. Adult, Gambling, Health & Finance are notoriously difficult to get guest blog posts on and we have to charge extra for these niches. For example lots of the sites in the Finance niche now request additional fees for blog posts so these will need to be considered and will be brought to your attention if we feel a Guest Post is suitable from that site.
Please use our contact page if you need clarification on pricing for your niche.

Step 2: We’ll immediately start searching for suitable blogs based on your niche.

Note: When looking for suitable blogs on which to post we work from a 5-point ‘blog quality checklist’. For example along with the PageRank of the blog we also look at variables such as SEOMoz Page & Domain Authority. This will allow us to ensure we get you the most powerful links possible. The whole concept of link building is ever changing and it’s now even more important than ever to get high quality links from trusted ‘authority’ websites. With link building sometimes ‘less is more’ and getting a fewer amount of links from high quality sources is much better than getting 100’s from poor quality sites.

Step 3: Once we have found suitable blogs we then get our writers to draft a suitable blog post, which contains your anchor text or raw URL links, and it is then sent to the blog owner for approval. The approval can sometimes be the longest part of the whole process.

NOTE: Please also read our Q&A section below on the types of links we acquire from blogs i.e. anchor text and raw URL links.

Step 4: On completion of your order we will provide a full report on all the sites where your blog post was accepted.

  • Price
  • Min. order.
  • Turnaround
  • Niches that Cost Extra
  • £80/post
  • 5
  • 2-3 weeks
  • Finance, Gambling, Health & Adult
  • £70/post
  • 15
  • 4-6 weeks
  • Finance, Gambling, Health & Adult


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you provide Guest Posts in any niche?

A: We cover pretty much most niches but there are some niches where it is notoriously difficult to get webmasters to allow guest posts. Or webmasters require a very large fee to allow a post on their blog. Niches like adult, gambling and finance are just a few but please get in touch and ask us first and we can provide you with a much more precise answer on your specific niche.

Q: Do you provide discounts for large order?

A: For sure. Our current pricing gives you a discount when you order more than 5 Guest Posts and if you want to order more than 15 then please let us know how many guest posts you need and we’ll give you a very competitive price.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: This is based on the amount of blog posts you order and we always endeavour to deliver the posts as per the time-scales in the table above. However, if you have a much more urgent time scale we can spend more time on your order but this will incur an additional cost.

Q: Why does it take so long?

A: This is down to the whole process of getting links from related blogs. We first have to find these blogs, assess them using our quality control benchmark, which is where a lot of ‘potential’ blogs can be discarded and once we find suitable blogs we then have to approach webmasters to see if they will accept our blog post. As you can see there are a few variables outside of our control which can add a lot of days to the whole process.

Q: Will all links be Anchor Text links?

A: We do our best to find sites that provide backlinks as Anchor Text links. However, some blog owners we contact prefer not to provide anchor text links, and instead will only provide URL links instead e.g. http://www.<yourwebsitename>.com or www.<>.

Even if the link is only a raw URL then be assured that as the link is on a high quality site it is still very valuable, but if you’d prefer ALL your links to be Anchor Text links then please let us know.

Q: Will the links appear on pages with PageRank?

A: This will be down to the setup of the blogs we approach. The way a lot of blogs work is to post your Guest Post on the home page and it then ‘rolls off’ the home page after a short period of time e.g. 7-10 days. After which the post will be found on an inner page. However, some sites may keep your post on the home page permanently or for long periods of time.

Note that PageRank is only one of the signals we look for on a suitable site and should not be the sole reason for getting a link.

Q: Will all links be ‘DoFollow’?

A: The majority of links will be DoFollow. Please note that for a more ‘natural’ link profile it’s imperative that some of your links are ‘NoFollow’. So even if a link has NoFollow we still like to acquire these links as they still have a certain ‘value’ to your overall backlink profile.

Q: Do you have any example work?

A: We prefer to keep our client work confidential so we cannot provide details of blogs where content is posted but below are a few links to the type of blog post quality you can expect from our service.


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