Who We Are

Phocus Data Services (PDS) are one of a new breed of SEO companies.

Having worked online since 2005 we have developed a wealth of SEO & Digital Marketing experience. So we know what it takes to achieve top rankings in all the major search engines.

And with some of our customer websites dominating the SERPS for some of the most competitive keyword terms PDS can help you with developing:

  • a keyword ranking strategy that will help drive ‘buyers’ to your website and not just ‘browsers’
  • a comprehensive SEO strategy to help you rank highly in the search engines for ALL your keywords
  • a backlink strategy that will help keep your site at the top of the search engines long term


Our Own SEO Projects

We also run 100+ websites ourselves and these cover a multitude of niches including:

  • weight loss
  • physical product promotions
  • child custody rights information
  • skin care
  • and many more highly competitive niches

Our lengthy experience has given us an invaluable insight into SEO and the different ‘flavours’ that are provided by SEO companies around the world.

And our own SEO philosopy is that we don’t do whatever it takes to rank a website online i.e. we don’t participate in any ‘black hat’ SEO tactics but we will go the extra mile to ensure that all our customers get what they want, and that is a Page 1 ranking in Google.

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