4 Search Engine Optimisation Must Know facts

Search engine optimisation is a very popular phrase these days and seems to be coming off everybody’s lips. It is used by website owners as a means of getting traffic to their websites by using keywords that are specifically targeted to their business and its offerings. There are a number of ways that search engine optimisation helps get a website recognised, they are;

1. Indexing
Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use what are known as crawlers that find pages according to the search that was put in. these companies offer pay per click and also a flat rate if you would like to have your page in their search listings. Having a page in their search listings is not good enough as it could be on page 14 and nobody would see it any way. That is where indexing comes in. The crawlers will look over the site, even though they sometimes exclude certain pages (so you should ensure that your information is up before you try to submit to a search engine), once the crawler goes to a page it will be indexed and so depending on what persons search for they may not land on your home page when they are directed to your website.

2. By exclusion
We referred to crawlers above and we will refer to them again here. Crawlers can look for content that they want to be placed in search engine results as well as they may look for content that they want to be excluded. So the crawlers are given the instructions not to visit certain types of files and or directories. So you have to be certain that the type of content that you have is suitable or else it will be no good to you and no matter how unique and plentiful your content you will never get up in the rankings of the search engines.

3. Elevating reputation
This can be done by a variety of means which include what is known as cross linking. This allows you to link the pages of your website so you can have a total of more links to the website which will of course increase your websites visibility. You can also add keywords to your Meta tag and description. There are also other methods that can be used if you have more than one URL with similar names; you may link them in such a way that the accumulated traffic you receive from both can be used to push traffic to one.

4. Search engine optimisation techniques; Black Hat vs. White Hat
These are phrases used to describe the types of techniques used.

  • White hat techniques, as used by our SEO Services Company, are more favourable and follow all the rules that the search engines stipulate.
  • Black hat techniques on the other hand are not recommended and any site found to have these techniques will be banned from the search engine results. These would include cloaking where the website would give the crawlers a page and then give a human another page instead or hiding the text by placing it outside of the visible screen or making the same colour as the background.

I hope the above information has enlightened you about search engine optimisation; how it is done, how it should be done and its benefits if done the correct way and the implications if it is done incorrectly.


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